Brief Introduction
          Company Structure
          Company Log
          Company Honour
          Work Condition
[1989] Start to deal in feather and down wxport business
[1990] Establishing Nanjing Yuhua Down Factory
[1995] The imports and exports rating over 5 million yuan in feather and down market
[1995-1998] Rent the Nanjing feather and down factory , expanded the imports and exports business in feather and down market and being have an attempt in feather and down products.
[March 1999] Establishing Nanjing Meihua Feather & Down bedding factory .
[1999] On the base of Nanjing Meihua and Yuhua Factory , we established the Nanjing Meihua feather & Down products co., ltd .
[1999] The imports and exports amount get over 100 million yuan .
[March 2000] Nanjing Meihua Feather & Down garment factory set up
[2000] Being awarded as best tax payer in Yuhua district
[2001] We exploit the domestic market in Nanjing and Qindao ,and open two retail shops specialize in down bedding .
[2001] We were awarded the honour of "advanced privately owned corporation "
[2001] We proved by ISO 9001
[2001] The imports and exports amount get close to 200 million yuan
[2004] The company move to a new building
[2005] The imports and exports amount get over 400 million yuan
[2005] The factory continuation project launched , the productivity would be times more than beforetime .
[2005] The KingDee software company become our co-worker and carried on ERP management system .
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Add:12th Floor,15th Building, Hongyi Mansion,459Middle Longpan Road,Qinghuai District,Nanjing P.R of China
Tel:86-025-84649099、84649199、84649299 Fax:86-025-84649551 84949552
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