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Located in the ancient Six-Dynasty capital, Nanjing, surrounded by beautiful and pleasant scenery. Meihua Feather & Down Products Co.,Ltd. was founded in year 1989. We are a professional manufacturer and distributor dealing with bedding products,material of feather and down.There are three factories set up under the company:Nanjing Meihua Liuhe Down Products Factory,Nanjing Yuhua Down Factory,and Nanjing Meihua Jurong Products Factory.

By using flexible trade models, we have established stable business relations with the customers throughout the world . Our products are sold to North America, Europe,Japan and other regions,ranging from various duvets,shells,pillows,cushions,sleeping bags,curtains,bedding, unwashed and washed material of feather and down.

"Quality First,Customers Orientation"is the principle to which our staff adhere. According to the continuous changing of the market needs, Our best efforts and hard works deliver our customers the greatest degree of satisfaction.

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Add:12th Floor,15th Building, Hongyi Mansion,459Middle Longpan Road,Qinghuai District,Nanjing P.R of China
Tel:86-025-84649099、84649199、84649299 Fax:86-025-84649551 84949552
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